Connect young people with Christian mentors and role models

24-7 YouthWork

24-7 YouthWork is a relationship between a church and a school. We aim to connect young people with Christian mentors and role models (youth workers) to build positive relationships, develop leadership, encourage a vibrant school spirit and give them an opportunity to be a part of our youth groups.
Nathan Muirhead, our youth pastor, works for 24-7 in Burnside High School. Sara Cornish from our parish, joined the 24-7 team in the last term of 2022
24-7 YouthWork in Burnside Highschool and in Breens Intermediate is administered by the Burnside Community Transformation Trust which is supported by a range of denominations and churches to see our young people thrive.
To find out more about this initiative, visit the 24-7 YouthWork website


Parish office:

46 Kendal Avenue
Burnside, Christchurch

Office hours:

Monday to Thursday 9am - 12:30pm
Office closed Fridays and weekends